Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you control termites?

Yes! Our technician will carry out a Timber Pest Inspection in accordance with AS4349.3. His report will note all accessible areas affected by live & old termite workings. All areas conducive to termite attack will be documented in the report with recommendations for solutions to decrease the risk of further termite infestation and/or damage. If further treatment is required or if a nest is found this will all be documented in the report along with a detailed quote. A quote will be provided to apply a preventative chemical barrier to the property. A Timber Pest Inspection is the first point of prevention for finding termites at your property. Unfortunately termites are often found by home owners once the damage has been done. Regular inspections do not deter termite entry or attack but can limit the amount of damage that may occur by detecting the problem early.

2. What pests & weeds can be treated?

All pests including termites, spiders, black ants, cockroaches, mice, bees, wasps, bed bugs, fleas, crickets, feral cats, caterpillars, pigeons, coach or pantry moths, aphids, feral rabbits, weeds, noxious weeds, declared weeds, broadleaf weeds, general household weeds. There are many other pests which can be effectively controlled, please contact our office for a quote.

3. How safe are the chemicals?

All chemicals are applied under strict governance from the Health Department of WA. Our technicians are licenced to apply the correct chemical at the correct rate for the specific pest problem. Each pest infestation will be assessed and the correct treatment plan advised. Our technicians are committed to the safe handling of chemicals and will at all times ensure there is no risk to you or your family and pets. We will not recommend a treatment “just in case” you have a particular pest. All treatments are followed by strict guidelines and in the most environmentally safe way possible.

4. How does the chemical work?

Each pest is treated with a specific chemical relevant to its species and breed. Spider treatments work on the grooming cycle while termite treatments work on the feeding cycle. Our technician will tailor a treatment plan specific to your problem pests.

5. What areas will be treated?

That really depends upon the specific pest infestation. Each pest will make their home in different areas of your property. Our technician will advise of the areas likely to be treated to control your specific pest problem.

6. What is the best way to control weeds at my property?

Many weeds transport their seeds on shoes, clothing, pets, wildlife, vehicles and through the air making it difficult to fully eradicate the plant species. Effective control is achieved by continued dedication to stop the spreading of the plant itself through either chemical control or hand weeding. Eradicating new infestations will ensure effective control. Chemical weed control is very safe, efficient and cost effective. Please contact our office to arrange a quote.

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