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Our Services

1. Safe & Effective Pest & Weed Protection for your home, garden & family
Our fully trained technicians offer services for the control of many pest and weed species evident in the goldfields. We regularly travel to many towns in the goldfields including Kalgoorlie, Boulder, Coolgardie, Kambalda, Norseman, Esperance, Menzies, Leonora, Laverton, Wiluna, Warburton and all areas in-between. Many home owners are unaware of the treatment options and prices for general pest and weed control around the house and garden and may be pleasantly surprised by how cost effective, safe and simple pest & weed treatments can be. All treatments are carried out in accordance with Australian Standards by qualified and licenced technicians. Goldfields Pest Control is committed to providing safe, effective and reliable pest and weed control to the houses of the goldfields. With over 30 years experience in the bug business there isn’t a bug we can’t control. If it’s bugging you call our office to discuss treatment options.

2. Termites and White Ants
The surrounding bushland of the Goldfields provides the perfect environment for large termite colonies. Termites are one of the most destructive timber pests in Australia and can be responsible for large amounts of structural damage to buildings and timbers throughout yard areas. If you think you have termites in your house or yard we suggest you have a Timber Pest Inspection carried out to check for evidence of old and live termite activity. This must be carried out by a licenced technician who will also inspect for areas conducive to termite attack. You will receive a nine page report in accordance with Australian Standards and a quote will also be included to apply a full chemical barrier to the building to assist in the prevention of termite infestation. A timber pest inspection will not stop termite activity but will help locate any live termite damage. The sooner termite damage is detected and treated the less structural damage is likely to occur. Call our office to discuss your termite concerns and treatment options.

3. Bugs in the Work Place
You may not be aware of the damage and threat to work performance bugs can have in the workplace. Goldfields Pest Control is committed to providing pest free conditions in workplaces around the goldfields. Regular pest maintenance servicing is a cost effective and easy way to look after your workers and keep them safe from local bugs. Regular servicing can eliminate evidence of pigeons, mice, spiders, cockroaches and black ants in the work place. Commercial and industrial buildings are also at threat from termite attack and should be inspected for evidence of termite activity at a minimum of every 12 months. Call our office to discuss your work place pest control requirements.

4. Spiders, cockroaches, fleas, stored product pests, bees, wasps, mice, crickets, lawn beetles
These pests can all be treated efficiently and effectively at a very reasonable price. Treatment plans will depend on the specific pest, its breeding and feeding cycles and the chemicals required to eliminate problems. All treatments are safe, effective and reliable. We won’t recommend a treatment you don’t need or sell you a treatment “just in case”. If you’re having problems with a specific pest call our office for a competitive quote.

5. Rental Property Flea Treatments
Depending on the areas requiring treatment Goldfields Pest Control are able to treat internal and external areas for the control of fleas as part of your vacating lease agreement. Prices depend on the size of the house and yard and the number of carpeted rooms in the house. Please call our office for a competitive price.

6. Construction
Goldfields Pest Control offer varied treatment options for the pre & post construction industry. We offer reticulation systems, chemical barrier by hand spray application, physical chemical barriers and non-chemical physical barriers. Prices depend on the method required, size of the project and location. Please call our office for further details.

7. Bed Bugs
Bed bugs are continuing to increase in numbers worldwide with most bed bugs transported in clothes or luggage. Due to the itinerant nature of the goldfields and the surrounding areas incidences of bed bug infestations are becoming more common. Effective treatment is possible if the advice of the technician is followed. A non-repellent chemical is our preferred method of treatment. Please call our office for pricing details.

8. Black and Brown Ants
There are over 3000 species of ants in Australia with many of those species living in the goldfields. You may have noticed small soil mounds around your home in the garden, near paving, between brick work and around pot plants. Ants generally don’t cause large amounts of damage but they can form nests under the ground which may result in the top layer of soil becoming unstable. To effectively treat the ants the technician will need to firstly determine what and how many species of ants are on your property and then work out a complete treatment plan to reduce ant colonies around your property. Treatment methods will depend on the feeding and foraging habits of the ant species and may involve the use of non-repellent and repellent insecticides as well as different chemicals such as a gel or granular type product. Ant remedies bought at supermarkets and hardware stores are not adequate to effectively treat ant infestations in the goldfields. Although we do not offer a formal warranty on black ant treatments you will certainly notice a huge decrease in numbers with total elimination often achieved. Please call our office to arrange a quote.

9. Birds & Pigeons
Pigeons can carry and spread many different diseases harmful to humans including toxoplasmosis, encephalitis, histoplasmosis and salmonella. Many home and business owners bore the cost of cleaning up the nasty mess left by pigeon droppings. Pigeon faeces are highly corrosive and can cause extensive damage to buildings and other areas used for nesting. Goldfields Pest Control believes stopping the pigeons gaining access to nesting areas is the best management option. This is usually achieved by putting up wire or mesh to prevent access. Established pigeon groups must first be eliminated by a controlled feeding and baiting program. Our feral bird specialist John Rees can organise a quote and treatment plan for pigeon control.

10. Pre-Purchase & Timber Pest Inspections
If you are buying a house in the goldfields it is imperative you have a Timber Pest (Termite) Inspection carried out. Our inspections are carried out in accordance with AS4349.3 and will provide information on live and old termite workings and damage. Areas conducive to termite attack will also be documented in the report along with timbers in ground contact, damp areas and storm water system capabilities. All accessible areas of the property will be inspected including under the house (sub-floor) if it’s built on stumps and the roof void if a man hole is available. Pricing will be included to apply a full chemical barrier for the prevention of termite infestation. If further treatment or access is required for treatment or inspection reasons this will also be documented on the report. Pricing is available by calling our office.

11. Weed control for your home & workplace
You may have noticed the emergence of more and more problem weeds around your home or workplace. Goldfields Pest Control can easily and effectively apply chemical for the control of all weed species throughout the goldfields. Regular spraying before the weeds have formed seed pods will over time lead to complete control of the species. Call our office for a quote to control weeds around your home or office – you may be surprised how cheap it is!

12. Noxious & Declared Weed Species Control
These weeds can cause major problems in and around the goldfields area - not just to the local flora and fauna but to livestock and native animals. If left uncontrolled they are likely to spread at an alarming rate. Goldfields Pest Control have a varied range of machinery, equipment and all terrain vehicles available for use in the control of all weeds in the mining, government and rural sectors. It is essential weeds are sprayed before seed pods develop. Our weed specialist John Rees has over 25 years experience in weed control including roadside, railway line & crop spraying. Call or email him today for pricing details.

13. Remote Communities and Stations
Goldfields Pest Control has been travelling to these sites for many years providing safe, reliable and effective pest and weed management solutions. The vast distances may scare some, but not us! From shearing sheds and heritage homesteads to remote schools – Goldfields Pest Control are adequately equipped to provide all manner of pest and weed control. We understand the relevant paperwork and permit requirements and are happy to work within these guidelines. Please email or call our office with any queries.

14. Schools, Hospitals & Government Departments
With over 30 years experience in the effective and safe control of pests and weeds in sensitive areas of the community, Goldfields Pest Control prides itself on providing reliable pest management solutions to schools, hospitals and government departments. We have formed strong business relationships with this sector of the community over the past 30 years and continue to provide them with safe solutions to pest and weed management.

15. Minesite Pest & Weed Management
As more and more people become allergic to bees, spiders and other biting insects it is imperative that mine sites include a regular pest and weed maintenance plan as part of their Occupational Health & Safety program. Goldfields Pest Control has maintenance plans in place with many mine sites throughout the goldfields. We have been providing effective and safe pest and weed management to mine sites for the past 30 years. Mine camps also need regular pest maintenance to help control camp kitchens and wet & dry messes for mice and cockroaches and camps for black ants and spiders. Weeds are also a problem on mine sites as many declared and noxious weeds are the responsibility of the mine. Weeds such as Ruby Dock & Bathurst Burr are a problem through the goldfields and require regular treatment to provide ongoing control. Call or email our office for more information.

16. Commercial Pest Control and Heritage Buildings
Problem pests aren’t fussy, they will invade any area where there is food! Hotels, motels, caravan parks, restaurants, bars, hospitals, schools, warehouses, offices and any other business site is at threat from attack. Cockroaches and mice can easily invade food preparation areas such as kitchens, pantries, cold room storage, ovens, fridges and microwaves. If left untreated these pests will continue to cause problems and may impact on production and sales. Goldfields Pest Control will attend the premises and provide a quote to treat the current infestation. Once this has been completed a regular pest management service plan will be provided. We offer a discrete and flexible service for management of pests within these areas. Commercial properties are also at threat from termite attack – at the very minimum a timber pest inspection is recommended every 12 months. Heritage properties also fall under the commercial banner and require expertise in treating effectively. With a personal interest in Heritage buildings Goldfields Pest Control have the knowledge to provide weed, pest and termite management solutions to our local heritage buildings. Please call our office to arrange a quote.

17. Community & Sporting Groups and Not for Profit Organisations
Goldfields Pest Control regularly carry out pest and weed treatments for the above groups at often no cost or heavily discounted prices. We also offer where possible financial support and monetary donations. We support many charity groups in the Goldfields and believe if you take from the community you must give back. Local charity groups are invited to contact our office via email with their treatment or financial requests.

18. And any other little bugger living where it shouldn’t be!
If there is a pest or weed we have missed, give us a call. We regularly travel to many towns in the goldfields including Kalgoorlie, Boulder, Coolgardie, Kambalda, Norseman, Esperance, Menzies, Leonora, Laverton, Wiluna, Warburton and all areas in-between. If you have caught a pest you would like identified email us a picture or call in to our office at 137 Dugan Street Kalgoorlie and we would be happy to have a look at it for you. There is always a suitable, safe and effective treatment plan available for every little bugger out there!

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